DOT Physical Exams in New York: What Employers Need to Know

A DOT physical, also known as a Department of Transportation physical, is a medical examination required for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers in the United States. The purpose of this exam is to ensure that drivers are physically fit to operate a CMV safely and efficiently. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets the standards for DOT physicals, which are performed by certified medical examiners. If you’re an employer of commercial motor vehicle CMV drivers, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of the DOT physical process so you can get your drivers back on the road in no time.

DOT Physicals Are Required Every Two Years

It is important for New York businesses and organizations to be aware of how frequently their drivers need to take a DOT physical exam. This ensures that drivers’ certifications are up to date and compliant with relevant regulations. Drivers are required to undergo a DOT physical every two years, or sooner if they have a medical condition that could impact their ability to drive. Make sure your drivers complete DOT physicals every two years to stay compliant on the road.

What Drivers Need For A DOT Physical Exam Appointment

In order to be prepared for a DOT physical exam, drivers will need to bring a list of all current medications, supporting documents for chronic medical conditions, eyewear, and hearing aids if applicable. Not sure what your drivers should bring to a DOT physical exam? Get in touch with the Mobile Health team and we will be happy to assist you.

Medical Conditions

It is also crucial for New York employers to be aware of the impact of medical conditions on DOT physical exams for their drivers. Some medical conditions, such as heart disease, epilepsy, and sleep apnea, may impact a driver’s ability to pass a DOT physical. If a driver has a medical condition, they may need to provide additional medical documentation or undergo additional testing to prove that they are fit to operate a CMV. New York employers should instruct their drivers to inform the medical examiner of their DOT physical exam of any medical conditions they have and provide any relevant medical records.

Mobile Health Is Your Trusted DOT Physical Provider

Employers should always choose a medical examiner who is knowledgeable about the DOT physical requirements and who can accurately evaluate the medical condition of their commercial drivers. It is important to choose a medical examiner who will take the time to thoroughly evaluate the driver’s health and provide a comprehensive examination whilst also getting drivers back on the road as soon as possible, to minimize disruption for your organization. This is where we come in. Mobile Health is New York’s trusted DOT physical examination provider. We have served employers for 39 years with FMCSA-certified medical examiners. We keep New York moving by focusing 100% on occupational health screening and solutions. With more clinics and appointment times than any other DOT physical exam provider in New York, Mobile Health is your trusted service provider for DOT physicals.

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A DOT physical is a crucial aspect of operating a CMV in the United States. New York employers need to be aware of the requirements, frequency, and availability of DOT physicals, as well as the medical conditions that may impact their drivers’ ability to pass the exam. By preparing ahead of time and choosing a knowledgeable medical examiner like our team at Mobile Health, New York employers can ensure that their drivers are physically fit and compliant to operate a CMV safely and efficiently. Get started with Mobile Health today.

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